[Udemy Free Download] Azure Devops Fundamentals for Testers -CI/CD+Project Boards Download


Step by step Tutorial to understand CI/CD pipelines ,Release activities, Docker, Code Repos, Project Boards, in Azure

Azure Devops Fundamentals for Testers CI CDProject Boards
Azure Devops Fundamentals for Testers CI CDProject Boards
What you’ll learn
  • By end of this course, You will understand how deployments happen with Azure Devops
  • You will get real time experience in building CI/CD Pipelines for App Dev code and Test Automation Projects
  • Understand how to create Docker Images using Azure Pipelines Yaml files
  • Thorough understanding of Release Management Activities from end to end prod Deployments
  • Complete knowledge on how to use Azure portal for Project Boards , Work Items, Sprint Planning, Backlog items
  • Understanding Azure Repositories , Branches , Pull request reviews and Integration of branch code to Work items
  • Detailed information on how to deploy App code into Local Window Agents and Azure hosted resources
  • None – Everything taken care from the Scratch

Azure Devops- One of the Most Buzzing keyword in the 2020 Software Industry

This tutorial will bring your wish of Azure Devops learning to reality with Top class 6 hours training with real time examples.
Course starts from Scratch with Azure fundamentals and then train you on below important Core concepts

1. Making Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines for Software Projects.

2. Setting  up mechanized delivery cycle the board with CI/CD Pipelines Integration.

3. Creation Deployment to Azure Servers and Local Agent Servers

4 After intensive comprehension of Devops related flows,  We will at that point perceive how to deal with the total Project in Azure Portal, for example, Setting up Work Items, Sprint Planning, Agile Scrum Boards, Backlog and so forth

5. Purplish blue Code Repo Integration with Project Work Items for incredible coordinated effort.

7. Pull demands, Code surveys and Merges from Azure Portal

6. Making Docker Images for repos  utilizing Azure Pipelines yaml Script

At the end of this course, You will get complete knowledge on Azure Devops Fundamentals and be ready to work on any task related to Azure Devops portal.

Below is Course Outline we are going to cover

Introduction to Azure Devops
Deployment Basics
Importance of Continuous Integration/Deployment
Implementing Build Pipelines
Implementing Release Pipelines
Creating Release Components
How to create Docker Images for the Code
Azure repos
Running Automation Test Jobs on Azure Pipelines
Deploying code to Azure Servers
Deploying Production code to Local Agent Servers

Part 2
What are Work Items?
What are Issues?
Different type of Project Boards
Spring Planning Management
Back Log section
How to create branches for Azure Repos
Integrating work items to Code branches
Pull requests creation
Review of PR’s and code Merge

Who this course is for:
  • Software Engineers
  • Devops Freshers
  • QA Software Testers
Azure Devops Fundamentals for Testers -CI/CD+Project Boards Free Download


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