how to change name on skype

How to change the name on Skype Desktop App:

Do you have a Skype account? Have you ever wished your name said something different, or people called you by a nickname like “Buddy” instead of the formal and sometimes difficult to spell version of your name. With this article will show how easy it is!

-Open the app and find your profile picture, click it. (left side of screen)

-Click “Manage” at top right corner then edit your username in bottom menu bar.

-Type new desired username for skype account in field provided then click save changes button. You will now see a notification saying that you’re successfully editing an existing user’s information if everything goes well! 🙂

-You should notice all contacts still logged into chat have been updated with this new account name as well when they next log in or refresh their page afterwards! 🙂 Happy chatting with friends who haven’t noticed yet 😉 Did I mention you can also update your status message

It takes less than five minutes with these steps:


First open up the chat window on skype which can be found under lower left corner when logged into your account on computer (or upper right hand side if using iphone). Right click anywhere and select Edit Profile

The first thing you need to do is log into your account at and sign in with the username that needs a name change. On this page, click on “My profile” which will open up a new window of options for editing various settings about your account including an option to edit your display name or username as it appears publicly. You can simply type out what you want the new public alias to be next to where it says “Display Name” then hit save changes.” This won’t actually update anything until you have logged back out of Skype but once you’re done, all future messages from other people will appear under this display name instead of whatever was there before!

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