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Stop Selling Your Time. Package Your Services and Sell What Your Clients Really Want and Are Willing to Pay More For.

Are you an independent coach or consultant?

Are you currently selling your time by the hour?

Or, in packages based on term, such as a 3-month package or a 6-month package?

Did you know that’s not the best way to sell your services?

In fact, did you know that actually makes it harder to sell, and it encourages prospective clients to negotiate based on what they think they need or can afford?

I followed Debbie’s 5 step process for a new proposal which was accepted promptly, without question or negotiation.

For as far back as 12 years, as a business and promoting coach, setting the right cost for my customers for the administrations they offered has consistently been an issue, in any event, setting my own valuing has been an issue. I had the option to give my customers the equation for building up their hourly rate however including the ‘adding esteem’ component was absent. Debbie’s course ‘How to Design a Signature Program’ was actually what I expected to tackle this issue. Further, I tried this myself, subsequent to completing the course. I followed Debbie’s 5 stage measure for another proposition which was acknowledged expeditiously, beyond a shadow of a doubt or arrangement. I enthusiastically suggest Debbie’s simple bit by bit model for valuing, which as I would like to think, can be applied to anybody offering an assistance and not just for mentors, experts and coaches. ~ Fran Piggott CEO, Marketing Guru, South Africa


Like you, when I went into business as a free promoting advisor in 1998, I too sold my time continuously, or constantly.

At that point I recalled that when I worked in the promoting organizations we sold by the undertaking. We gave possibilities a particular extent of work and the outcomes we would convey, and we cited them a venture expense or a month to month retainer to cover that extent of work.

That is the point at which I understood I expected to sell my administrations a similar way.

I didn’t need my customers purchasing my time. All things considered, who’s to state what your time is worth. It’s fairly self-assertive. Furthermore, high hourly charges can really dismiss possibilities in the event that they don’t believe you’re justified, despite all the trouble.

It’s vastly improved to sell results.

That way customers are purchasing what they need. They’re paying for you to take care of their issues.

You choose what amount of time it requires to get that result and you charge them dependent on what that result is worth.

It has nothing to do with what your time is worth.

At the point when you figure out how to bundle your administrations it changes your whole business.

(1) It helps you attract more of the right clients—the clients who are searching for exactly the outcome you deliver.

(2) It eliminates clients negotiating down the price or the term because you can easily tell them, this is what it takes to get the results you want.

(3) It enables you to charge for the value you’re delivering, which is usually more than what you or a client might determine your time is worth.

(4) And, it enables you to sell more confidently because it eliminates any doubt that you’re “worth it.” It’s not about you. It’s about the outcome your clients want and will get when they work with you.

So, if you’re an existing coach or consultant who is still selling your time, or you’re a brand new coach or consultant who is trying to figure out how to package your services and what to charge, this course is for you.

This course is ideal for independent coaches or consultants who…

  • Are currently selling their time by the hour, or term (e.g. 3 month package)
  • Are brand new in business and aren’t sure how to package their services
  • Would like to make it easier to sell their services
  • Are tired of prospective clients negotiating down price or term
  • Aren’t comfortable selling because they don’t know what their time is worth
  • Aren’t getting enough of the right clients
  • Are creating time-consuming spec proposals for every single prospect
  • Are having to re-invent the wheel with each new client
  • Would love to be able to promise specific outcomes to their clients
  • Would like to create more efficiency in their business
  • Are interested in creating leveraged programs (e.g. online courses, books) in the future
  • Would like to know how many clients they need to make the money they desire
  • Want to be sure they can reach their income goals without working more hours than they want
  • Would like reliable, predictable cash flow (instead of being on a cash flow roller coaster!)
  • Want to be sure their business is viable, profitable, and enjoyable

Don’t waste another day trying to sell your time.

This course will take you step-by-step through the exact same process I used successfully for myself, and with my private consulting clients, for years.

This course includes:

  • Instructional Video Lessons for each step of the process
  • Fill-in-the-blank Worksheets so you can create a profitable Signature Program
  • Examples for all exercises for your review and reference
  • Step-by-Step Instructions so you can easily apply what you’re learning to your business

Design a Signature Program…

  • You can become known for
  • That will set you apart from the competition
  • You can sell confidently
  • You know will deliver the results your ideal clients want
  • That will make your business profitable, enjoyable, and successful

If you’re already enrolled in my course, How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant.

also, you’re contemplating whether you ought to try out this course, here are a couple of things to consider:

1) This course includes separate video exercises for EACH of the 5 stages in both my Signature Program and Financial Viability measures. On the off chance that you’ve battled with these cycles and you need more top to bottom guidance and clarification, this course gives that.

2) If you incline toward zeroing in your learning on reduced down subjects, this course does exactly that. This is quite possibly the main points I instruct in light of the fact that it’s what empowers you to get out there and offer your administrations in the manner your optimal customers are well on the way to purchase.

3) If you haven’t yet gotten to the Signature Program and Financial Viability areas, this course may assist you with completing these significant advances so you can get out there and begin selling your administrations, while you’re actually learning and applying the remainder of the promoting steps.

4) If you’ve finished my How to Market Yourself course you’re actually battling to bundle, market and sell your administrations, this course may simply give the extra skill, motivation, and inspiration you need to jump on target.

So, if you’re an existing coach or consultant who is still selling your time, or you’re a brand new coach or consultant who is trying to figure out how to package your services and what to charge, this course is for you.

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