How to Fix Damage SD Card

* The file is corrupted & unreadable
*The same thing twice in one place.
*some folder, picture, video can,t open.
*not work it properly.

I will teach you 3-4 ways to fix your damage sd card.

1. Try CHKDSK Command
2. Format Sd Card and try To Recover with Software
3. Change The Drive Letter
4.Reinstall damage driver card
…………..Try CHKDSK…………….

*Run Command and type cmd press Enter.
*type chkdsk/f and press enter
(f means it,s your sd card drive letter name)

how to recover fiile useing chkdsk

* Take some time, actually, it,s depend on your sd card storage size.
* check your assigned driver letter to your sd card to verify.

                            Format Sd Card | Pendrive
if get your photo, video, and file.
you need to format your sd card and try it to recover using the software.
today I tell you some powerful software

I have already posted how can you recover file from damage sd card. click the tools name and read the post.
*Minitool Partition Wizard

Change The driver letter

*connect sd card to your pc
*right click on my computer icon and click manage option from the drop-down menu.

Recover file process images

*click disk management menu and here you can see all disk size space.

Sd card recover

*click your sd card space icon & click “change the driver letter and Partition”

fix damaged sd card

*now ok & check your sd card.


Reinstall Damage Driver Card

*Go to my computer then right click & going manage

*you have to go device manager

sd card recove

sd card recover process


*now right click and uninstall, remove sd card from your pc.

*you have must restart your pc & connect your sd card.



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