How to Fix randomly restarting Problem On windows 10

This is a common problem with Windows and there are several things you can do to resolve the issue.

First, try restarting your computer by holding down Control-Alt-Delete or using Task Manager (right click on the task bar). If this doesn’t work then it’s likely that an application has crashed and you need to manually close all applications before trying again. To do this open up Task Manager (press CTRL+ALT+DEL) > select File > End Process Tree > Yes when prompted. Finally, if none of these options fix your problem then please consult Microsoft support as we’re not able to provide assistance in fixing software problems such as crashes due to undefined reasons.

We hope that one of these steps resolves the issue

It seems like Microsoft finally released a new update for Windows as I’ve noticed my computer is restarting randomly lately. It’s been happening since the release of an Anniversary Update and it just keeps getting worse. Initially, the updates were only available to those in Insider Preview but now that they are releasing them widely, more people who didn’t know what was going on have spoken up about their computers crashing. The fact that these crashes happen so often can make you think there might be some type of virus or malware running around . But after checking all my devices with antivirus software and scanning everything in safe mode (with networking) both came back clean – not even a hint at any sort of problem! So it looks like this issue is simply due

A lot of people are noticing that their windows PC’s will randomly power cycle without warning. The reboot is usually accompanied by the spinning dots and the chime sound, but there isn’t any way to tell what caused it or how long before this happens again. This can be very frustrating for users who depend on their computer for work or play as they never know if an update was downloaded or a program crashed, meaning they could lose data at any time.

There has been some speculation about whether APPCRASH errors were causing these random crashes in Windows PCs but MS also commented that “there have not been any confirmed cases where our own code triggered anything like” those problems. That said, when confronted with this issue Microsoft recommends

The latest Windows updates have been causing some problems for users, including random restarts.

Some users are reporting that their computers restart without warning during the installation of the October 2018 update (version 1809). These crashes often occur when entering or leaving sleep mode and shortly after waking up from a sleep state.

due to these bugs in the new OS version, Microsoft has paused its rollout until it can be fixed: “As we shared in our blog post on Friday, starting today we’ll pause delivery of the Windows® 1809 update while we continue working towards fixing known

I’ve been running Windows for several years now and I just installed the latest version of Windows–Windows Ten. It’s been working fine, but recently my computer has started restarting on its own periodically without me doing anything to it. When I check the event log it says that there was a kernel power accident or something like that, which is all Greek to me so I called up Microsoft Support (1800-***-****) Â instead. They said they’d never heard of this before and asked if I had any third party drivers installed…so then we uninstalled them one by one until finally they found what was causing the problem: some kind of video driver software from

Steps To Fix Windows Randomly Restarting Problem

Turn off Automatic Restart Feature

There’s a possibility that the problem is caused by the automatic feature of the computer that is enabled. Try turning this off then check if the issue still occurs.

  • Hold Windows key and press R
  • Type sysdm.cpl and press Enter
  • Select Advanced tab
  • Click Settings from the Startup and Recovery section
  • Uncheck the option Automatically restart option in System Failure section
  • Click OK.