how to fix windows 10 login screen not working

The login screen that appears when you turn on your computer is not working as it should.

There may be many reasons for this to happen, but one of the most common issues is a corrupt user profile. In order to fix this problem, we will need to identify what has caused the corruption and then follow these steps:

– Be sure all software updates are installed from Windows Update or Microsoft update. If there are still any pending updates available after checking both sources, install them in order by clicking

“Install Updates” under Settings –

> Update & Security -> Windows Update – Check for general system errors using System File Checker (sfc) command prompt utility which can be found by typing cmd into Search bar at bottom left corner of desktop.


Windows users can now download the Windows Insider Preview Build 18237 from Microsoft for testing.

This build includes improvements to search, performance and reliability, accessibility features have been added as well as some fixes related to gaming across multiple devices.

The following are some of the new features:

– Search has a beautiful new design that is faster than ever with instant results and suggestions powered by Bing—giving you what you want before you finish typing thanks to machine learning models trained on user behavior in Labs settings over tens of thousands of real searches;

– You’ll notice your favorite sites appear at the top every time when using Edge’s Explore site mode so they’re easier to find next time around.

If you have a problem logging in to your Windows PC and the login screen is not loading,

then this article will help identify some of the possible reasons why.

* **Windows Update: Make sure that windows updates are installed and up-to-date.* **This can fix many problems with desktop applications such as Microsoft Office or iTunes. This method also includes installing security patches for any vulnerabilities found by Microsoft during their research.* * Â The latest update from April 2018 fixed an issue where users were unable to log into their account after changing certain settings on Google Chrome. If there is no available update yet, make sure that your internet connection works properly before proceeding to ensure you don’t miss important content when updating your computer.


Windows OS has been plagued by bugs and security loopholes since the release of Windows Vista. The most recent problem is that users are finding their login screens won’t load or take a long time to appear, which means they can’t access anything on their PC. There are numerous possible causes for this issue: from malware like ransomware to corrupt disk drives, causing issues with booting up your computer and even accessing BIOS settings.

To resolve this issue you could try rebooting in Safe Mode (press F11 while starting your PC), using System Restore (go into Settings > Update & Security > Recovery) or reinstalling Windows completely via an install disc. If none of these work then it’s likely that there’s.


Windows login screen not working? Here are a few simple steps you can take to fix the problem.

If your Windows key is stuck, try turning off and on again the computer by pressing down for five seconds after it has been turned off. If this does not work, try unplugging power from the back of your machine as well as removing any USB devices plugged into it. Now plug them back in one at a time until you find what may be causing conflict with booting up device. Finally, make sure that no other programs or files have opened when Windows loading (i.e., Task Manager). Check out our list of common things to do if Windows fails to start here: [link].

In some cases people


I have a problem with my Windows login screen not working. It is just black and I cannot type in the password to logon into Windows. As soon as I do, it goes back to showing the sign-in background. There are no other users on this computer but me so there’s nothing wrong with that account or anything like that. This also happens when logging off too after using the PC for awhile and then trying again from scratch without doing anything else beforehand (like restarting). The only thing that has changed recently was installing an update which didn’t go through properly because of some error message about missing DLLs so now all of my programs don’t work correctly anymore either. Whenever I try

Windows login screen is not working, and I am unable to log in. Windows seems to be running fine on the other hand. What can I do?

The first thing you should try doing is resetting your password by clicking “Change Passwords” on the left side of the Start menu then selecting Change Password or Create a New Account . If that does not work, contact Microsoft Support for further assistance. You may also need to perform a system restore from an earlier date if nothing else works.”

Reset Password: Clicking “Change Password” on the left-hand side of the Menu > Select Change Password or Create A New Account will allow you make changes with one click.

There are many online

– Are you getting a notification that an app needs your attention? And when you open it, do they try to login but never get past the Windows splash screen or just hang up on their own without anything in particular happening. First thing that should be done is close all running programs and restart the system. When starting back up, press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys together and select Task Manager to see what’s running in background before trying again. If this doesn’t work then reboot into safe mode by pressing F11 while booting up process (the button might be different depending upon make/manufacturer). Open task manager after loading desktop and click End Task from the top menu bar of Processes tab.”