how to remove ads Utorrent

Remove ads Utorrent:

– Find and click the “settings” tab on your computer’s browser.

– Click “privacy.” (if you’re not already in this section.)

– Locate a setting called Do Not Track or DNT, and uncheck it if checked. This will stop plug-ins from tracking you while browsing online.

– In addition to turning off this option, also disable Flash cookies by clicking ‘choose site settings’ under Privacy Settings then selecting the box for Accept third-party cookies only until I quit my browser

The secret to removing ads from Utorrent for good is in the “advanced” tab. Once you find it, uncheck the box that says “enable peer-to-peer”. The change will take place immediately and your torrents should be ad-free!

Somewhere on this page, there’s a link that lets you disable it with one click. On some pages, however, disabling PTP takes more than one click (e.g., open preferences then scroll down to processes). You can also adjust settings manually by opening Preferences -> Advanced -> Uncheck enable Peer To Peer Activity


Click Settings –> Advanced –> Enable Peer to Peer activity **Unchecked*

Now all ads should be gone! Congratulations, you just removed the most annoying thing about Utorrent. Now use uBlock Origin to block these pesky things from showing up in other parts of your internet browsing experience πŸ˜‰ If using Chrome as a web browser, follow this link and install it on your computer for free! (This is not an affiliate promo please do not worry)

Step one: open the program.

Step two: click on ‘Tools’ in the top menu bar, then select ‘Options’.

Step three: go to β€˜General’ and uncheck “Enable bandwidth usage display” under the Connection category. This will stop connections from being displayed as a graph over time with download progress updates. Check it again if you want those graphs back! Step four: head to the BitTorrent tab and change both Download rate/upload rate combo boxes (located at the bottom of the window) setting them to 0 Kbps. Hit OK when done. You’re all set; now that annoying ads have been eliminated for good!”

Pro tip: If using Chrome as a web browser, use uBlock Origin to block ads all over the internet. This will save time because each site has its own ad blocker that needs updating manually or doesn’t work at all!!

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