[Udemy Free Download] Introduction To Linux High Availability Clustering Download


RH436 HA Pacemaker centos / Redhat Linux cluster on VMware virtual machine connected through ISCSI network to storage


2.5 hours gives you a prologue to the Linux High Availability Cluster.

If you don’t mind read it cautiously and set your assumptions dependent on the accompanying. Try not to burn through your time or even gives me an awful survey since you hope for something else than what inside the course.

You are free to add any sort of reviews awful or great however please audit it dependent on the course educational plan and what worth you have.

This course causes you to see high accessibility bunching by providing a solid idea and involved involvement in Pacemaker and Corosync parts of Red Hat/CentOS Enterprise High Availability Cluster.

Likewise, it is acquainting you with different innovations, as ZFS stockpiling to construct a more dependable climate for business.

Presentation To Linux High Availability Clustering course gives a total clarification about the usefulness of each part in Cluster, and how these components work together.

It gives definite strides of how to introduce group software packages, how to configure and administrate High Availability Cluster

It is preferred and directed to system administrators RHCSA  Level ).

The course will cover exactly the following read it carefully.

1- Design a lab environment based on ESXi VMware virtualization to practice the cluster.

2- Explain Cluster software components and how they are communicating to each other.

3- Install Linux cluster packages.

4- Managing Cluster Services & Membership.

5- Very clear explanation about quorum and including all options.

6- Very clear explanation about fencing concept and practice it.

7- Storage module included my first course about ZFS for free.

8- Manage and configure ISCSI initiator.

9- One example to configure NFS service managed by HA cluster.

10- Manage and Configure Cluster logs.

In the event that you feel that you know the entirety of the above set aside your cash and don’t burn through your time.

On the off chance that you chose to take this course I need you to realize that first part is a little bit long on the grounds that as I would see it is very important to comprehend the engineering of the lab so you can construct it bit by bit.

when you have an appropriate lab you will discover rehearsing the group is so natural. Along these lines, I prescribe you to show restraint. On the off chance that you feel it sounds boring you can skip it and go a head for next part.

I expect on the off chance that you arrived at this line that implies you comprehended what will be shrouded in the course and it is crystal clear for you.



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